There has never been a more urgent need for a conscious approach to leadership in our society.

The challenges of our world demand a deeper approach, one that is grounded in the internal alignment of the individual - and supported by the gathering of the collective - so together we can co-create sustainable solutions.

My mission is to help make this possible.
This is a clarion call for those who can hear - and those who are ready.
— Emily Lane

The Three Biggest Challenges for Conscious Leaders ……

Over the last few years researching the Conscious Leadership space, there are two primary challenges that keep re-appearing:

  1. ISOLATION - as leading lights ahead of their time, conscious leaders like you feel isolated in their attempts to bring conscious ways of operating to organisations, communities and groups that are still operating from old paradigm principles. A consequence of this is that often there is a sense of overwhelm that leads to questioning or doubting the intuitive instincts and the inner calling to cultivate new ways of being and operating. This is dynamic of isolation/doubt appears no matter where people are located in the world.

  2. THE NEED FOR CONNECTION - the second challenge that emerges from this is a deep need for connection. This need appears at several levels - connection with self, with Source, with community and with other conscious leadership professionals. The problem is that conscious leaders are innovators and early adopters - so how do you find others on this early, pioneering trajectory?

  3. THE NEED FOR PRACTICAL TOOLS FOR INTERNAL STRENGTH - given this, and the urgent need for solutions to our world’s challenges, nothing is more important than that Conscious Leaders receive the tools to strengthen their internal connection, listen deeply to their Inner Wisdom, have the power to make clear decisions and then be fully empowered to be heard in the world. Where can you find them?

The Solutions for Conscious Leaders are Right Here!

In response to these researched needs, I have crafted, tried and tested tools, strategies and programs to help you to align more powerfully with YOU. Everything I do is to empower Conscious Leaders like you with pristine clarity and deep personal alignment so that you can show up more powerfully in the world to deliver on your Mission and Purpose.


  1. THE ALIGNED LEADER PROGRAM - a structured online program featuring leading edge conscious leadership tools. This experience shared with other leaders from around the world in an intimate circle to create depth of relationship and cross-pollination of ideas.

  2. PERSONAL CONSULTATION - a deep dive personal attention experience to help you identify the real challenges underneath the presenting issue, discover tools to transcend these challenges and allow you to deeply listen in to your own Inner Wisdom.

Whichever program pathway you choose, your interactions with me will be marked with a style that is imbued with fun, vitality and infectious energy. If you're looking to connect more deeply to your own inner wisdom and optimise your leadership power either personally or within your organisation, this is the place for you.  Click on the service of your choice above for more information, or reach out to me direct on or call me on +353 83 1689 187.