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1. Group Mentoring is for you if:

  • You feel isolated and separated on your consciousness journey
  • Struggle with vision clarity in business and life
  • Feel overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to make conscious living a reality
  • Have reached a plateau and are wanting to take your game to the next level
  • Learn better in a group setting
  • Feeling like your inner voice is being drowned out by the world
  • Unsure of your next steps in either business or life
  • Want to be in with the leading edge consciousness conversation
  • Are budget conscious and want to receive inspired connection without having a significant investment

2. What We Will Be Doing Together:

  • Your group mentoring program runs over 3 months.
  • You will be part of a group of ten people from around the world with gold circle access.
  • We will meet once a fortnight for 90 minutes at 7.30pm GMT via the Zoom webinar platform.
  • There will be six group sessions over a 3 month period.
  • All participants are on video and get to see and connect with each other.
  • We will open our circle with a mindfulness exercise and then we will connect to the Field.
  • Together we will tune to what's present for the group and flow with what emerges.
  • Where valuable, you will receive practical conscious creation tools and strategies to solve problems and overcome challenges.
  • This is primarily an organic process designed to help you with what's present for you right now in this living moment.

3. What You Will Get:

  • The opportunity to learn from your fellow conscious creators by listening to their rich stories , hearing about their very relatable challenges and learning from their triumphs.
  • You will have the chance to be heard and witnessed by a group of people who have your back and want you to win in your personal transformation. 
  • You will experience a pristine personal clarity that can be taken into everyday business and life.
  • You will be gifted all the practical tools and strategies you need to deal with the transition to truly conscious living.
  • Connection to the broader global tribe of like-minded conscious creators through the bonus Facebook Group where all the mentoring cohorts will meet together for further conversation and storytelling.
  • The confidence to take yourself to the next level of the game, with deeper self-connection, trusting of your own Inner Wisdom and Guidance from Life Itself. 

4. The Practical Details:

  • The next group begins on Tuesday 31st of July.

  • There are only 10 spots to ensure quality conversation and space to connect.
  • The investment is less than the price of a gym membership at just $79 per month.
  • This is what you have been waiting for!  Join the next Group Mentoring Program, contact Emily on the button below.
Emily is a skilled trainer who is passionate and dynamic while making learning engaging and fun. She has a great sense of humour and exudes a warmth that puts everyone instantly at ease. She’s a powerful mentor who is able to help people tap into their highest potential. Emily is simply one of the best out there and I highly recommend her as a coach, as a mentor, as a collaborator and as a leader.
— Michael Wise, Professional Coach