The patriarchal world of domination-based leadership is failing - and a new principle of Aligned Leadership is emerging.

This is the perfect time for women like you to lead with all of your wisdom, power and compassion.

My mission is to help you align from the inside-out so you can step forward now and embody a new level of leadership excellence
— Emily Lane

Why Women? Why Now?


Patriarchal leadership has been the governing force of our world for centuries. It is based on principles of separation, domination and short-term view. The consequences of this approach are most obvious today in our collective relationship with the environment.


The new, emerging movement of Aligned Leadership is the medicine, the antidote to the challenges that our world faces today. Aligned Leadership is based on the principles of connection, co-creation and sustainability. This means that as a leader you recognise that:

  1. Everything is Connected. If you want to be a truly powerful leader, you must start with your connection with yourself. Aligned Leadership is an inside-out model that recognises that your first point of power is your self-connection. In other words, if you want to see change in your world, you must first begin within. This is about developing qualities of inner-awareness, presence, compassion and resilience, in addition to fostering and deepening everyday wellbeing practices.

  2. Everything is Co-Created: Nobody creates in isolation. Everything is co-creation. To lead effectively, we must surrender the ego-based question “What do I want to create?” Instead, we listen in to the more powerful question “What-is-it-that-wants-to-be-created?”. This requires deep awareness - honouring the intuitive voice within, as well as the people around you - team, customers, supply chain - even the environment. This is leadership that considers all stakeholders in a win-win and then harnesses the ability to influence powerfully.

  3. Sustainability is Key: What we do today creates our reality tomorrow. The Aligned Leader has clear vision of what she is creating. She has awareness of the long-term personal, social and environmental impact of the choices she makes today. Her intention is to leave a legacy that contributes to the uplifting of humanity and/or the restoration of the environment in some way. Aligned Leadership is fundamentally sustainable in its approach.


Women are the natural forerunners of this more conscious, inclusive and sustainable approach to leadership. With their pre-disposition for intuitive awareness, compassionate relationships and whole-picture seeing, they naturally embody the qualities at the core of Aligned Leadership.

The Biggest Challenges for Women Leaders ……

However, in a world still dominated by old, patriarchal ways of operating, the challenges of developing new, feminine ways of being are significant! Research we have conducted over the last 2 years has indicated that the biggest challenges conscious women leaders face are:

  1. OVERWHELM: The old paradigm of dog-eat-dog, always-on, constant running and multi-tasking is the antithesis of how we are biologically designed to function human beings, and most especially as women. Women leaders are tired. We want to change the way we work, yet our schedules are already so busy. So how do we make the changes we know we need to make?

  2. ISOLATION - As leading lights ahead of their time, conscious women leaders like you feel isolated in their attempts to bring conscious ways of operating to organisations, communities and groups that are still operating from old paradigm principles. This can lead to questioning or doubting your intuitive instincts - where your purest wisdom is held.

  3. THE NEED FOR CONNECTION - As a result of this isolation, there is a deep need for connection. Women are natural community builders and we need to give and receive support. We have a deep need to connect with other professional aligned women leaders.

  4. THE NEED FOR PRACTICAL TOOLS FOR INTERNAL STRENGTH - Given this, and the urgent need for solutions to our world’s challenges, nothing is more important than that Aligned Women Leaders receive the tools to strengthen their internal connection, listen deeply to their Inner Wisdom, have the power to make clear decisions and then be fully empowered to be heard in the world.

The Researched & Validated Solutions for Women Leaders:

In response to these researched needs, I have crafted, tried and tested tools, strategies and programs to help you to align more powerfully with YOU. Everything I do is to empower Women Leaders like you with pristine clarity and deep personal alignment so that you can show up more powerfully in the world. As you align with the deeper intelligence of your being, you will deliver more effectively on your personal mission and become an embodiment of Aligned Leadership.


  1. THE ALIGNED LEADER PROGRAM - a structured 3-stage online program packed with practical tools to help you address all of the challenges above, including how to:

    • Connect with yourself and listen in to your inner wisdom

    • Trust and validate your intuition

    • Deepen your sense of wellbeing

    • Sharpen your vision clarity

    • Co-create powerfully with your stakeholders

    • Feel courageous and be inspired to step forward

    • Communicate from your deeper knowing and be fully heard in the world

    • Make systemic changes in your team or organisation

    This experience is shared with other women leaders from around the world in an intimate circle. Together, we create depth of relationship and foster cross-pollination of ideas so everyone learns from their allies in Women’s Leadership.

  2. PERSONAL CONSULTATION - a deep dive personal attention experience to help you identify the real challenges underneath the presenting issue, discover tools to transcend these challenges and allow you to deeply listen in to your own Inner Wisdom.

Whichever program pathway you choose, your interactions with me will be marked with a style that is imbued with fun, vitality and infectious energy. If you're looking to connect more deeply to your own inner wisdom and optimise your leadership power either personally or within your organisation, this is the place for you.  Click on the service of your choice above for more information, or reach out to me direct on or call me on +353 83 1689 187.