-empowering Conscious leaders, from the inside-out.

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You are a mission-driven leader ……

More than just profit-oriented, you are a mission-driven leader, committed to contributing to the practical solutions needed by our planet and our society.

Already in the process of creating a conscious culture, you recognise the value in investing in the wellbeing and satisfaction of your team. You understand that the happiness of your people will have a direct impact on their capacity to achieve KPI’s and foster creativity and innovation. You already know that if your people are aligned with the higher purpose of your organisation they will nurture relationships, be inspired to loyalty and ultimately, deliver on the organisation’s objectives in a way that is a win-win for everyone. That’s your team.

AND THEN THERE’S YOU. The pioneer. Yes, in this time of planetary change where there is a deep calling for a more conscious kind of leadership, you are a leading light. But as the person in the front line, inevitably there are times when isolation creeps in to the role of leader, with the burden of responsibility on your shoulders. You want to make bold and truthful decisions but sometimes competing pressures overwhelm your natural instinct.

You desire to use wisdom as well as intellect but the pace of operations can at times leave you feeling disconnected. You know intuitively that there is a deeper experience of self-connection waiting within you. And you get that accessing this place will anchor an unwavering steadiness. It will turn on powerful resources like optimal energy, pristine clarity and inspired thought. It will activate and supercharge your personal power.

The question is, how do you consistently access this place within? How do you replenish those internal resources? You have already invested in mindfulness and wellness and you are looking for something new - something fresh and leading edge. Welcome to Aligned Leadership.


a) 1:1 Personal Consultations:

I offer 1:1 consultations for individual leaders seeking to delve more deeply into alignment. These mentoring programs are offered on a 1, 3 or 6-month basis, depending on your personal needs. The bottom line is that the more potent your alignment, the greater the magnetism of your leadership. Activating this latent power within you will deliver better results for your organisation. However, perhaps more importantly, it will give you a greater sense of satisfaction, deeply rooted wellbeing and a more balanced life. Instead of just excelling at the goals of leadership, you will enjoy the process of leadership. And that’s worth its weight in gold.

b) Aligned Leadership Programs:

Working with values-aligned expert associates, I develop and tailor Aligned Leadership Programs for your and your organisation’s leadership team.

Topics include:

  • The 7 Keys to Aligned Leadership

  • Energy & Performance Optimisation for Leaders

  • Conscious Communication Skills

  • Empowerment Tools for Women Leaders

Each program is structured around core principles, immersive experiences, reflection exercises, applied process and clear, actionable steps. Every experience includes practical self-leadership skills and toolsets. All programs activate alignment and deeper personal power for participants.

Naturally, each program will have unique outcomes driven by the agreed objectives. However, the outcomes you can expect for all programs include:

  • A high-energy, goosebumps experience for your people.

  • A bonding experience for your leadership team.

  • New, thought-provoking ideas for the group to reflect on.

  • Real, practical skills that can be applied in a measurable way.

  • A platform to reinforce your positioning as a leading edge conscious organisation within your internal culture.


Like any consulting process, the first step is for us to meet either in person or via Zoom so we can understand your needs and identify the specific outcomes you would like to achieve - either for yourself or your organisation.

For programs, we will discuss and identify both quantitative and qualitative measures of success as benchmarks for program delivery. We also collect more detailed evaluation and feedback to assess whether learning is integrated over time and ultimately systemic. For 1:1 consultations we will simply discuss the best option for you, identify a mutually convenient time to begin and then hit the ground running. Contact Emily now on or call +353 83 1689 187.


Pricing varies depending on the extent of the preparation required, the program length and number of consultants required. Programs can be:

  • 1:1 Sessions

  • Modular mentoring programs

  • Immersion training over 1, 2 or 5 days

  • Retreats

There is much to discuss! The first step is to book a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs. You can do this via the button below or email Emily direct on Alternatively you can call her on +353 83 1689 187.

Why Emily?

Emily Lane is a world-class speaker with experience of up to 4.000 people in a single event.  Emily has delivered 1:1 personal mentoring and group training programs to a range of audiences including Conscious Leaders, Silicon Valley Execs, Personal Development Enthusiasts, Professional Coaches, and Business Professionals, to name a few.

As a Faculty Member of the Omega Institute, Founding Partner of the Conscious Business World Summit and former Host of Wisdom 2.0, Emily is uniquely positioned in her understanding of conscious leadership practices globally. With over 20 years international experience Emily’s work has reached leaders and employees from top tier organisations including LinkedIn, IBM, Accenture, the Central Bank, Qualtrics, Google and Facebook, among others. 

Emily is a a bright, enthusiastic, talented and smart speaker who lights up a room. She had a fluidity, humility and ease that was a pure delight to work with at Wisdom 2.0
— Cat Li Stevenson, Director Wisdom 2.0