- To electrify your CONSCIOUS events!



  • You are a leading edge organisation looking for a fresh voice.

  • You need a break from mindfulness and wellness and are looking for something new.

  • Want to create a high-energy, goosebumps experience for your people.

  • Want practical, actionable take-aways that are easy to support and apply in your business (if you desire).

  • Want to create a bonding experience for your team.

If so.... read on!

What We will be doing together:

  • We will begin by having a consultation with you and the key stakeholders in your organisation.

  • We will identify your specific needs and understand the outcomes you are looking to create.

  • Next we will discuss the optimal topics to meet your needs. Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  1. - How to Create Conscious Clarity

  2. - Powerful Tools of Conscious Creation

  3. - 4 Keys to Conscious Leadership

  4. - The Power of Personal Alignment

  5. - Self-Leadership in Business and Life

  6. - Empowerment for Conscious Women

  • Keynotes typically last between 20 - 30 minutes but longer, workshop-style facilitation can be easily developed to suit your needs.

  • An initial proposal will be agreed.

  • The electrifying event will be delivered!

  • We collect evaluation and feedback on the keynote presentation.

What you will get:

  • An electric atmosphere to inspire your people.

  • New, thought-provoking ideas for your team to reflect on.

  • An opportunity for your people to bond with each other, so it's more than just a speech.

  • A platform to reinforce your positioning as a leading edge organisation within your internal culture.

  • Practical actions tailored to your needs and interwoven throughout that can be applied in your company.

The Practical Details:

Pricing varies depending on the extent of the preparation required, the audience and the industry.  As a guideline, a 30-minute keynote will typically be between €1,500 - €2,500.

You can book your FREE, no-obligation consultation via the button below. 

Why Emily?

Emily Lane is a world-class speaker with experience of up to 4.000 people in a single event.  Emily has spoken to a range of audiences including Business Professionals, Conscious Leaders, Personal Development Enthusiasts and Silicon Valley Execs, to name a few.

The most common word used to describe Emily's communication style is “energy”.  This electric energy is fuelled from a place of deep personal alignment within.  It activates the atmosphere in the room, inspiring those present to open up to greater possibility for themselves, their teams and their lives.

If you'd like something fresh, new and inspiring for your people, don't miss the opportunity to click on the button below and connect with Emily!

Emily is a a bright, enthusiastic, talented and smart speaker who lights up a room. She had a fluidity, humility and ease that was a pure delight to work with at Wisdom 2.0 2016.
— Cat Li Stevenson, Director Wisdom 2.0