GROUP mentoring


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Do you want to feel CONNECTED to a GLOBAL TRIBE of Conscious People?  Want to have FUN while becoming more ALIGNED and SECURE in your personal CLARITY?  Do you desire to feel SUPPORTED in your MISSION AND PURPOSE?  Look no further!  THIS GROUP MENTORING PROGRAM IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

The Emily Lane Group Mentoring Series is a very special, closed circle program that runs for either three or six months at a time.  You have your very own special group of ten people from around the world and together, we connect bi-weekly basis via video to share the challenges, triumphs and questions that are arising for each person.  Emily will provide you with cutting edge tools and insights to support you in transforming your challenges.  Some of the greatest learning however, comes from witnessing each others' stories.  So much fun in this!  And we want to hear yours too!  We are all in this together! 

Think about challenges you're having right now!  Wouldn't it be great to feel connected other conscious people on a similar journey?  Can you imagine how transformative it would be to know for sure that you have a Conscious Creation expert consistently providing support to help you stay aligned with your deepest wisdom and your most pristine clarity - fully activating your personal power?   It's pure magic.

Together, we will walk on the conscious living road to laugh and share and reflect on the challenges we are facing.  We will work with the Flow from the Field to co-create extraordinary insights and we will be your witnesses as you expand and grown and triumph in your business and life. 

This is what you have been waiting for - click the button below to find out when the next Mentoring Group begins!


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1:1 consultations give you the personal attention you need to create Conscious Clarity - NOW.  These sessions are incredibly powerful in helping you to distinguish the wood from the trees and change your world from the inside-out, no matter what situation you find yourself in.  You will receive clear and inspired distinctions that will supercharge your Conscious Clarity and move you fast into taking aligned action.  Emily offers a FREE Personal Consultation to first time clients.  Don't wait, you've nothing to lose and pristine Conscious Clarity to gain!



Do you need an electrifying speaker for a personal development, consciousness or business event?  If so, look no further!  Emily Lane is a world-class speaker with experience of up to 4.000 people in a single event.  Emily has spoken to a range of audiences including Business Professionals, Conscious Leaders, Personal Development Enthusiasts and Silicon Valley Execs, to name a few.

The most common word used to describe Emily's communication style is “energy”.  This electric energy is fuelled from a place of deep personal alignment within.  It activates the atmosphere in the room, inspiring those present to open up to greater possibility for themselves, their teams and their lives.  Speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to Create Conscious Clarity
  • Powerful Tools of Conscious Creation
  • 4 Keys to Conscious Leadership
  • The Power of Personal Alignment
  • Self-Leadership in Business and Life
  • How To Empower Conscious Women 

If you'd like something fresh, new and inspiring for your people, don't miss the opportunity to connect with Emily!

PROJECT Consulting


Do you have a business or project that is helping to create more conscious and sustainable ways of operating in the world?  Are you contributing to the upliftment of humanity or the conservation of our precious planet?  If so, thank you!!  We need you!  And we appreciate the purity of your purpose-driven approach.  You are indeed a rare diamond in this world and your success is imperative.   

However, optimising a conscious project in a bottom-line-driven world can be icy terrain!  It's crucial that you navigate this journey with clear eyes and fresh perspective.  To become real in the world, your project must begin with your own pristine personal clarity.  This must then be applied in a practical way to the creation of a clear rollout strategy, as well as ensuring that your project has structural integrity at every customer / client interaction point.  To really make your conscious project sing, consciousness must be integrated throughout its architecture.  

This is a lot to consider and as we all know, it's easier to see clearly when you are not immersed in day to day operations.  If you would like an expert pair of eyes to support you by reviewing your project at any stage of development, then look no further.  In addition to conscious clarity, Emily has a master skill of being able to structure anything for optimal outcomes.  If you want your project to operate at the highest level and to stand on a rock solid foundation of conscious integrity, reach out to Emily now.