About The Logo:

The logo has three components : A Circle, An Infinity Symbol and a Triple Spiral.

The Circle represents the Unified Field within which we collectively exist.  And of course, the infinity symbol represents infinite possibility. 

The Triple Spiral (or Triskele) is an ancient celtic symbol representing the transition from oneness into duality.  In other words, the journey from spirit into matter (or energy into form).  Together, these three elements depict:

"The journey from spirit into matter in a unified field of infinite possibility"

It represents the rich, human adventure of uncovering our personal essence and activating its leadership power in this world, knowing we have full potential available to us.    

As we transform ourselves from the inside-out and become luminous, we change the world around us. In this way, we become conscious and Aligned Leaders.

The image was gifted to Emily in a spontaneous vision during a retreat in Ancient Ireland.